CytoComm™ for Cardiology

CytoComm™ is being designed to allow wireless monitoring in at-risk cardiac patients. CytoComm™ should provide real-time patient information, allowing physicians to take preemptive and potentially life-saving action before a significant event (i.e. heart attack) occurs. 

Cardiovascular disease is expensive, debilitating, and deadly. Before heart failure ever occurs, the human body produces biomarkers – BNP, epinephrine, troponin, etc. – that signal an event is likely to occur.  Current monitoring methods to measure these biomarkers are unfortunately hampered by a lack of effective and personalized in vivo tools. Using living cells to collect rich and physiologically relevant information, CytoComm™ is being built to notify physicians of increased precursor levels and allow for a proactive course of treatment.


CytoComm™ is designed to provide real-time patient data to clinicians, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Gather vital information from anywhere, not only in the office or hospital.
Using personalized patient information provided by CytoComm™, take action before a significant event occurs.