CytoComm™ for Oncology

CytoComm™ is being designed to allow wireless monitoring of targeted cellular responses in chemotherapy patients. CytoComm™ intends to provide more data and higher quality data to the physician during the treatment of patients.

Current drug dosing calculations are based on a patient’s height and weight, rather than actual, real-time physiological conditions. By sensing levels of medication and other markers within the patient, CytoComm™ is being built to provide real-time information from the patient’s own body. CytoComm™, as a result, should drive drug dosing for relatively constant levels of chemotherapy medication to be dispensed to the patient.

Understanding Toxicity


As shown above, Efferent Labs’ technology is designed to allow doctors to tailor a course of chemotherapy to the patient that should eliminate the dramatic swings in the administration of medication, and enable as never before, a scenario where a more consistent “just right” level of chemotherapy is possible.


CytoComm™ is built to provide real-time patient data to clinicians, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
CytoComm™ is designed to allow doctors to tailor a personalized treatment plan, based on real-time physiological conditions of a patient.
With a finely tuned, personalized treatment plan, CytoComm™ should help to reduce toxicity and improve personal well-being.