CytoComm™ Preclinical

CytoComm™ allows wireless monitoring of targeted cellular responses while minimizing animal handling, labor requirements, cell culture and pathologic processing, and capital costs. CytoComm™ provides more data and higher quality data to the researcher while reducing both the cost of preclinical testing and animal suffering.

Each implant has an RFID tag and “reader”, which allows the researcher to keep track of each mouse during the study and the cells after explantation.



CytoComm™ Living Biosensor Makes Data Collection Easy

The CytoComm™ Living Biosensor System is covered under US Patent. Long term, the technology will have a key role in personalizing and providing real time diagnostics and management of patients afflicted with chronic diseases.


CytoComm™ allows researchers to gather multiple data points from the same animal for the duration of a study, resulting in a significant decrease in the number of animals required.
Without having to individually handle test animals, CytoComm™ simplifies the research process and allows researchers to collect higher quality data.
With a reduction in the number of animals, cell culture processing, and labor requirements, CytoComm™ greatly reduces the cost of pre-clinical animal studies.