CytoComm™ Platform

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Living Informatics; Unparalleled insight, with massive reduction of R&D costs

The Platform

Efferent’s Living Informatics combines cutting edge technologies and materials with high powered computing capability to harvest and analyze in vivo data that provides never before available insight into cellular function and activity.

Our platform accumulates large target data sets to create algorithms that more reliable and accurately predict disease and compound efficacy, providing more accurate observation of in vivo studies.

As a result, researchers/drug developers can make timely, informed decisions about which compounds have a greater probability of success and then accelerate development of those compounds, while significantly reducing R&D costs.

Living Informatics; Unparalleled insight, with massive reduction of R&D costs

How it Works

CytoComm™ Living Biosensor

  • Biosensor with living cells is injected subcutaneously into laboratory animal
  • Levels of biomarkers, proteins, medications, etc. are measured in the cells
  • Data is wirelessly sent to the “cloud” where it is analyzed and securely accessible anytime, from anywhere

The Benefits

  • More Data, More Often
    CytoComm™ is designed to provide a wealth of targeted data to researchers
  • Critical information when it happens
    Researchers can gather critical information in real-time, allowing for preemptive action
  • Information available where you are Gather vital information from anywhere, not only in the office or laboratory


  • Fluorescence from CytoCommTM system observable when system challenged to increase inflammation markers
  • Increase in fluorescence proportional to inflammation marker increase
  • LPS increased pro-inflamitory cytokines in plasma and tissue
  • Animals tolerate the implantation of the bio chamber
  • Improved cell viability when cells given 24 hr in bio chamber before implantation; good viability out to 21 days; cells respond too TNF-a for 21 days