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Efferent Labs® is a preclinical stage medical technology company focused on implantable biosensors. Our CytoComm™ Biosensor Platform is designed to serve as a real-time monitoring system, using living cells to assess cellular function in vivo. Our system is built to transmit live data through the cloud to our data acquisition and analysis software, providing real-time information to researchers and clinicians.

Our work is based on the fact that living cells can tell us more about life processes than any instrument can.

Our mission is to deliver better, more informed, healthcare treatment to those in need.
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Real-time in vivo cellular monitoring

CytoComm™ Living Biosensor

CytoComm-implant which uses specially designed cells

  • Proteins are CAPTURED in the biosensor
  • Proteins fluoresce a signal DETECTED by CytoComm™
  • CytoComm™ wirelessly CONVERTS and TRANSMITS data
  • Real-time cellular activity DISPLAYS on a dashboard
  • Biosensor also MEASURES temperature and movement

Efficient Lab Testing

CytoComm™ Preclinical

CytoComm™ allows wireless monitoring of targeted cellular responses while minimizing animal handling, labor requirements, cell culture and pathologic processing, and capital costs. CytoComm™ provides more data and higher quality data to the researcher while reducing both the cost of preclinical testing and animal stress.

Benefits of CytoComm™ Preclinical:

  • Fewer test subjects
  • Expedited testing procedures means better data
  • Reduced Costs

Real-time in vivo cellular monitoring

CytoComm™ for Oncology

CytoComm™ is being developed to allow wireless monitoring of targeted cellular responses in chemotherapy patients. CytoComm™ will provide more data and higher quality data to the physician during patient treatment.

Benefits of CytoComm™ for Oncology:

  • More data, more often
  • Personalized dosing
  • Reduced toxicity

Efficient Lab Testing

CytoComm™ for Cardiology

CytoComm™ is being designed to allow wireless monitoring in at-risk cardiac patients. CytoComm™ will provide real-time patient information, allowing physicians to take preemptive and potentially life-saving action before a significant event, such as heart attack, occurs. 

Benefits of CytoComm™ Cardiology

  • Real-time data, more often
  • Information available where you are
  • Preemptive Treatment

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