Efferent Labs® is a preclinical stage medical technology company focused on implantable biosensors. Our CytoComm™ Biosensor Platform is designed to serve as a real-time monitoring system, using living cells to assess cellular function in vivo. Our system is built to transmit live data through the cloud to our data acquisition and analysis software, providing real-time information to researchers and clinicians.

The CytoComm™ Biosensor Platform has multiple applications including preclinical R&D, clinical testing, oncology, cardiology, inflammatory and metabolic diseases.

“Living cells can tell us more about life processes than any instrument can.”



Real-time feedback of cellular function


Living cell lines provide a powerful tool to assess cellular function in vivo.



More data, more often

CytoComm™ is being designed as a platform that wirelessly gathers targeted real-time data for analysis by researchers and physicians.





Efferent Labs at Bio International 2018

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Efferent Labs at NYBio 2018

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